The journey toward wellness can be exciting and motivating.  It can also be challenging and even overwhelming.
The time that you spend with your health care provider may feel rushed, leaving you with orders, instructions, and more questions, all for you to figure out on your own.  Making life changes around health and wellness is difficult to do alone.  The good thing is that you don’t have to.  Healing from the inside out takes work, but it can begin with just a few small steps.  Susan Cucuzza, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, will help you take those steps.

What to expect with Susan as your wellness coach

  • Focused sessions tailored to you
  • 30-60 minute virtual (telephone, video) sessions that go at your pace
  • Availability to you in between your health care visits
  • Better clarity around your practitioner’s instructions and orders
  • Additional education around integrative health
  • Clarity around your interest, motivation, and readiness to change your health
  • Goals around wellness that are personalized to you
  • Increased accountability to stick with a plan and move forward
  • … and more

Who can benefit from health and wellness coaching?

  • Susan welcomes individuals and executives for 1-1 coaching
  • Susan partners with physicians to provide wellness coaching for their patients
  • Susan partners with organizations to provide wellness coaching for their employees
Investing in your wellness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

All it takes is the first step.


We offer a FREE 30 minute first-time consultation to get you started on your journey.